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Bill Clinton Defends Former Sen. Al Franken

"I think that — I will be honest — the Franken case, for me, was a difficult case, a hard case," Clinton said in an interview with Judy Woodruff which aired over the weekend onPBS Newshour.


Bill Clinton defends Al Franken during controversial interview

“I assume you think that what happened with you was more serious than what happened with [Franken],” host Judy Woodruff asked Clinton. “He was driven from office, from the US Senate. So, norms have changed. Do you think that’s a good thing?”


Bill Clinton bemoans Al Franken's resignation

Former President Bill Clinton said it was a "grievous" mistake for former Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., to resign last year amid mounting sexual misconduct allegations, while comparing that situation to his affair with Monica Lewinsky two decades ago."I think that, I will be honest, the Franken case for


Bill Clinton Defends Al Franken, And Has the Freudian Slip of the Century

Things got awkward last week when Bill Clinton was asked his opinion on the anti-sexual harassment “#MeToo” movement on NBC – immediately before being asked about his infamous affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. (RELATED: Bill Clinton Has Meltdown When Asked About Monica Lewinsky and #Me


Bill Clinton Appears to Defend Al Franken When Asked About #MeToo

He broke that silence recently for his promotional tour for his new novel,The President Is Missing, written with the prolific thriller writer James Patterson. He made headlines for a defensive interview on NBC News in which he said that he hadnever personally apologizedto Lewinsky, that he never fel


Democrat Says Al Franken Was Champion Of Women’s Issues

Subsequently, at least six more women claimed that they had been groped by Franken which gave the ambitious Senate shrew Kirsten Gillibrand who was a rising star the chance to climb the ladder by organizing female senators to call for his resignation. He fought it but with the feminists energized an


Wow: George Soros BLACKLISTS Democrat with presidential hopes – over Al Franken!!

Soros, who said he wants to avoid dividing the party, also refused to pick favorites among the emerging crop of 2020 Democratic presidential contenders. But there is one prospective candidate he said he hopes does not get the nod: Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York.


Bill Clinton continues to wade into #MeToo discussion, defends Al Franken

Former PresidentBill Clinton, who has beendeemed too toxicfor Democrats in the mid-term elections, had adifficult time answering Monica Lewinsky questionsduring an interview this week, leading many to wonder why the president hasn’t had his own#MeTooself-examination.


Rapey Bill Clinton Defends Gropey Al Franken In the Biggest Non-Shocker Of the Century

Bill Clinton wrote a book with James Paterson and is currently on a tour to promote this political thriller. So far things are not going well, Instead of getting to talk about the book, for some reason Bill keeps saying really horrible things about his sexual misconduct. I’m sure Patterson is off to


Bill Clinton Defends Al Franken: It Was a ‘Difficult Case’ and the SNL Women Defended Him

PBS’s Judy Woodruff asked former president Bill Clinton Thursday whether he thought it was a “good thing” that norms have changed when it comes to sexual harassment. Woodruff’s example was former Minnesota senator Al Franken being forced to resign his post after accusations that, Woodruff said, were


In Senate race launched by #MeToo, 2 women have inside track

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) - From the start of former Sen. Al Franken's downfall, the focus has been on women: First on the women who accused him of sexual misconduct, and now on the two women running to replace him.

WAAY-TV - 2018-06-17 18:30:00

Blue Wave? Not Where I Live

Talk of a “blue wave” has receded as the GOP has drawn more or less even on the generic preference poll, and Republican voter enthusiasm has continued to mount. For what it’s worth, here in Minnesota I think we will see a red tide. Republicans will almost certainly score a pickup in the state’s 8th

POWER LINE - 2018-06-17 15:14:25

AP News - In Senate race launched by #MeToo, 2 women have inside track

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — From the start of former Sen. Al Franken's downfall, the focus has been on women: First on the women who accused him of sexual misconduct, and now on the two women running to replace him.

TOWNHALL - 2018-06-17 11:03:00

Are Democrats brave enough to run a woman against Donald Trump?

The tension has spilled into the open in the ongoing debate about Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand’s role in galvanizing Senate Democrats to call for Sen. Al Franken to step down over misconduct. Even white college-educated women, Hillary Clinton’s biggest supporters, are divided.

VOX - 2018-06-16 12:00:02

Bernie Sanders on Al Franken: 'We Miss Him Very, Very Much' | Breitbart

Appearing in a Washington Post Daily 202 interview published online Wednesday, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) commented on his “good friend” former Sen. Al Franken D-MN), and said he missed him “very, very much.”


WATCH: Bernie Sanders Asked About MeToo — Says He Misses Al Franken ‘Very, Very Much’ [VIDEO]

Former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said he missed former Minnesota Democratic Sen. Al Franken, who resigned after photos of him taking advantage of sleeping women were released to the public, after being asked about the #MeToo movement.


Liberals Turn On ‘Sexist’ Soros Over Attack On Gillibrand

SorosslammedDemocratic New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand for her role in pushing Franken to resign over the allegations. Soros accused Gillibrand of turning on Franken, whom Soros said he admired, “in order to improve her chances” for the 2020 presidential elections.(RELATED: Dem Donor Network Wants


Bill Clinton: ‘Norms have changed’ for what you can do to somebody against their will

“I think the norms have really changed in terms of, what you can do to somebody against their will, how much you can crowd their space, make them miserable at work,” Clinton toldPBS Newshourin an interview that aired Thursday. “You don’t have to physically assault somebody to make them, you know, un


Media Slow to Notice Awful New Bill Clinton Comments on Groping

Journalists have been unsurprisingly slow to notice the latest appalling comments from Bill Clinton in which he appears to insist that times have changed and you can no longer grope people. On Thursday’sPBS NewsHour, he talked to Judy Woodruff about Al Franken and the senator’s abrupt exit from the


Bill Clinton says rules on 'what you can do to somebody against their will' have changed

Former president Bill Clinton's book tour once more took a detour onto the subject of sexual harassment. Clinton, who made headlines last week for saying he did not owe Monica Lewinsky a personal apology, defended former Minnesota senator Al Franken and said "norms have changed" in terms of "what y