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The Race To Replace Al Franken Is Tightening

Democratic U.S. Sen. Tina Smith of Minnesota, joined by her husband Archie Smith, is ceremonially sworn in by Vice President Mike Pence in the historic Old Senate Chamber, just after having been officially sworn in on the Senate floor at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, U.S. Jan. 3, 2018. REUTERS/Jon

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Republican Running for Al Franken's Senate Seat Once Compared Michelle Obama to a 'Chimp'

A Minnesota state senator who is also the Republican nominee for what was Democratic SenatorAl Franken's seat in the U.S. Senate once compared Michelle Obama to chimpanzee. Comparisons of Black people to monkeys, apes, and chimpanzees is considered extremely racist.


New lib talking point: Susan Collins is a hypocrite because she called on Al Franken to resign before there was an investigation 🤔

When Al Franken was accused of sexual impropriety, Susan Collins demanded he resign. Without a hearing.— Stephen King (@StephenKing)October 6, 2018


Trump mocks Al Franken's Senate resignation over sexual misconduct claims

"Democratshave always been energized about the 2018 midterm elections because ofPresident Trump, and so the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court added to that enthusiasm", Kathryn Pearson, a University of Minnesota political science professor, told KARE.


An old Susan Collins tweet about Al Franken has come back to haunt her

The confirmation of Supreme Court nomineeBrett Kavanaughnow looks all but certain, especially after Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) announced during a lengthy speech on Friday that she would be voting for Trump’s pick, who has been accused of sexual assault by multiple women.


Klobuchar Leading Newberger, Housley Gaining On Smith

The Democratic candidates still lead the two U.S. Senate races in Minnesota. A new poll shows that U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar has a 23-point lead over opponent state Representative Jim Newberger. The same poll puts Republican state Senator Karin Housley trailing U.S. Senator Tina Smith by six points

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5 Take Action: Reach Out to Special Election Senate Candidates

Photo: KSTPTina Smith and Karin Housley are vying for the Senate seat left open by Al Franken who resigned last year.October 19, 2018 04:03 PMReach out to special election Senate candidates Tina Smith (D) and Karin Housley (R) through the 5 Take Action widget.You can send a video or text message to


Michael Moore thinks that Tom Hanks or Michelle Obama should run for president

In an appearance onGood Morning Britain,acclaimed documentary maker Michael Moore thinks Oscar-winning actor, Tom Hanks, should be running for election in 2020.


Minnesota High Court: No Ballot Change for Senate Candidate

Twin Cities businessman Jerry Trooien is running for the seat once held by former Sen. Al Franken. Trooien initially listed his party as "unaffiliated" but wants to be listed as "independent."The Supreme Court dismissed his petition Wednesday, saying Trooien knew on Aug. 30 that he could list his pa


2018 election video: What does the lieutenant governor do anyway?

When Minnesotans go to the polls to pick their next governor, they will also be voting for the state's next lieutenant governor. The two run as a pair.But what's the description for the job, anyway?A lieutenant governor is the second highest state government official.


Which special Senate race candidate do you agree with most?

Tina Smith, a Democrat, faces Republican Karin Housley and two minor party candidates as she tries keeping her U.S. Senate seat.


Housley compared Michelle Obama's posture to a chimp in 2009

In a string of comments, Housley wrote that then-first lady Obama should "at least stand up straight." After referencing a Ronald Reagan movie that features a chimpanzee, Housley continued: "I think even that chimp stood up straighter than Michelle. Uh-oh, someone is going to make a comment."


Collins didn't give Franken presumption of innocence

Sen. Susan Collins of Maine certainly didn’t give Sen. Al Franken of Minnesota the presumption of innocence when he found himself in a troubling spot like she did Judge Brett Kavenaugh. Collins jumped on Franken after she viewed a video of him, while he worked in the entertainment world, mocking and


Al Franken spotted on DC Metro after Trump attacked him in his home state

Former Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., who stepped down from his post this year following allegations of sexual misconduct, was spotted in Washington, D.C., riding public transportation on Friday.According toPolitico, Franken was seen reading a book on D.C.’s Metro. The spotting comes one day after Presid


Why Trump's new criticisms of Al Franken matter

Donald Trump campaign in Minnesota last night, where Republicans face an uphill climb in several statewide contests, including two U.S. Senate races and a gubernatorial campaign. The president’s message was largely predictable, thoughhis commentsabout former Sen. Al Franken (D) came as a bit of a su


Maine’s own Stephen King accuses Susan Collins of having a double standard with Kavanaugh

Author Stephen King this weekend suggested Republican Sen. Susan Collins of his home state of Maine held Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh to a different standard than others who have been accused of sexual misconduct, such as former Democratic Sen. Al Franken of Minnesota, in addition to other


Trump mocks Al Franken over resignation: He folded 'like a wet rag'

President TrumpDonald John TrumpTrump: 'The US is with Kavanaugh all the way'Sasse: I encouraged Trump to pick someone other than KavanaughSasse: Trump's rhetoric on Ford 'wrong' but not surprisingMORE mocked former Senator Al FrankenAlan (Al) Stuart FrankenDrug companies fear Democratic CongressKav


Housley puts Pipestone stop on her campaign trail | Pipestone County Star

Karin Housley, the Republican candidate running against incumbent DFLer Tina Smith for the U.S. Senate seat vacated by Al Franken, stopped in Pipestone Monday with a familiar local face: one of her media advisors, Jake Schneider, a 2011 graduate of Pipestone Area Schools (PAS). Schneider is the son


AM Joy Destroys Susan Collins For Being The Biggest Fraud Of The Me Too Era

“In evaluating any given claim of misconduct, we will be ill-served in the long run if we abandon the presumption of innocence and fairness, tempting though it may be,” the Maine Republican said during an excruciatingly long speech on Friday.


Franken’s folly -- owning up and stepping down - NY Daily News

Outgoing U.S. Sen. Al Franken speaks about his accomplishments and thanks his team, as his eight years in the Senate are set to come to an end soon, Thursday, Dec. 28, 2017, in Minneapolis. Franken says he may be leaving office, but he's not giving up his voice. Franken announced his plans to resign