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CBS News Names Caitlin Conant ‎Political‏ Director

Caitlin Conant, who joined CBS News as executive director of communications at CBS News in Washington in 2016, has been named Political Director of the CBS Corp. unit. She will start her new duties on Monday, April 9, and will continue to be based in Washington. Conant will report directly to CBS Ne

MSN.COM - 2018-03-22 14:44:27

‎Political‏ News & Notes

SUMMIT COUNTY - The Summit County Republican Executive Committee met March 12 to consider endorsements of candidates for the Republican nomination of the May Primary Election. "We were impressed with all of the candidates that interviewed for our endorsement for the Republican nomination, and while

AKRON LEADER PUBLICATIONS - 2018-03-22 12:23:20

Xi reviews ‎Political‏ Bureau members ' work

Members of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee must take an active role in working hard to serve the people and boost clean governance, General Secretary Xi Jinping said after his recent reviews of their work reports. It is the first time that the top officials of the 25-member Politic

CHINA DAILY - 2018-03-22 11:57:00

The ‎Political‏ Impact of Fake News

Fake news is a huge problem for social media companies and political entities. Research has shown that false information spreads faster and deeper through the Web, compared to accurate stories. We'll look at why fake news reaches such a large audience, what is being done to curtail it, and its impac

PUBLICBROADCASTING.NET - 2018-03-22 10:08:44

Kashmir 's ‎Political‏ History

(To elaborate the political nature of Kashmir problem, one needs to examine the historical perspective of the land and its people) Recently Kashmir's Finance Minister lost his job for saying that Kashmir is not a political problem. Apart from that he had denigrated the political leadership of Kashmi

COUNTERCURRENTS.ORG - 2018-03-22 09:31:25

‎Political‏ Extremism and Economic Activity

In a new working paper, Matthew Rao, Christis Tombazos (Monash University) and myself, study the effect of economic activity on the vote share of extremist political parties in Europe. We combine data on election outcomes and regional GDP for 218 NUTSII regions across 16 European countries and 90 e


‎Political‏ Junkie talks economy gains

How much of recent job growth can President Trump take credit for? And what can we take from recent dramatic firings and resignations out of the White House? Political Junkie Ken Rudin spoke about the latest news from Washington DC. Use the audio player above to hear the full segment.


‎Political‏ briefs

A polling place for some Hagerstown voters, including part of downtown, will move from Bethel Gardens Community Center on Henry Avenue to Trinity Lutheran Church at 15 Randolph Ave. for the June 26 primary. The Washington County Board of Elections approved the change March 7 because of construction


Getting the ‎political‏ back : the Podemos experience

There has been a great deal of media speculation about the prospect of a new centre party in the UK. Meanwhile in many countries in Europe, new insurgent parties have been spectacularly successful for example in Spain, France, Greece and Italy. We are publishing a series of blogs (on Fridays) descri

RADIX.ORG.UK - 2018-03-23 08:43:15

US lecture tackles ‎political‏ situation in Zimbabwe

Southeastern Africa may be far away from Northwest Philadelphia, but scholar Molefi K. Asante thinks it is something locals should be educated about. Consequently, he held a session titled "The Dangers of Re-Entry of Zimbabwe into the World Economy: An Assessment" at the MKA Institute for Afrocentr

BULAWAYO24.COM - 2018-03-22 09:33:06

Nielsens illustrate the popularity of ‎political‏ shows

NEW YORK - After Shepard Smith set off some internal Fox News Channel bickering over his description of "entertaining" opinion programming, a glance at the cable television rankings reveals the extent to which political talk has become a pastime for millions of Americans. The Nielsen company said 26


Colombia : Students in ‎political‏ training

The Colombian students of the Rebellious and Popular Student Movement (MERyP) and of various revolutionary organizations held a Political Education School on January 11 to deepen their understanding of the national, international and educational political situation, in addition to discussing the pri


‎Political‏ education back on track

BEIJING: After admitting last year that political education for university students in China was outdated and unfashionable, the education minister changed track and said the classes were now so popular, seats were as hard to get as train tickets at lunar new year. Beijing has campaigned against the


Transit is ‎political‏ minefield

This is a historic 30-year government decision. A 30-year tax. A 30-year delegation of your governance to someone else. And 30-year control of Cobb's development pattern by a remote bureaucracy. What are you going to do five years from now if you don't like how MARTA is spending our money? There is


‎Political‏ Junkie Ken Rudin

President Trump has fired his secretary of state, Rex Tillerson. Trump explained that the two men weren't on the same page when it came to policy. The former oil executive now joins the long list of those who have either resigned, or been fired from the White House. We'll also look at the results o


The grand ‎political‏ espionage plot against Trump

There are two parts to the anti-Trump conspiracy. The first was to stop him from being elected. The second ongoing part is to take him down. The day before yesterday it was reported that Andrew McCabe, at the request of two democrat Senators, opened a criminal investigation into Jeff Sessions in 201

FLOPPINGACES.NET - 2018-03-23 14:11:20

‎Political‏ rights needed to bring change in Saudi Arabia

With all the progressions, Saudi crown prince Mohammad bin Salman is trying to bring in the kingdom, the prince should also provide political rights and people must be able to enjoy the full freedom that is not just confined to the social modernisation. His anti-corruption drives and determination t

THE SIASAT DAILY - 2018-03-23 10:33:01

Italy in ‎political‏ deadlock as parliament reconvenes

Rome (AFP) - Italy's parliament reconvenes on Friday with the country looking for solutions to the political stalemate that emerged from the March 4 general elections. On Friday the newly-elected lower house Chamber of Deputies and upper house Senate will begin the process of electing their new spea


Support ‎political‏ prisoner - anarchist Evgeny Karakashev

We call for solidarity and support of Crimean anarchist Evgeny Karakashev. The collection of funds for the work of a lawyer and the payment of parcels is started. Evgeny was born on August 21, 1978. He lives in Yevpatoria, Crimea. He is a leftist activist with anarchist beliefs. On February 1, 2018,


Pastor caught up in ‎political‏ violence

A United Methodist pastor and his family are among those recovering from shock and home damage after a wave of violent post-election attacks on the community following a clash between the Sierra Leone Peoples Party and the All Peoples Congress. The Rev. Ndapi Saffa, pastor at Rogers Memorial United