Law and Order - Socorro County Sheriff's Office

El Defensor Chieftain - 30 days ago


• A deputy was dispatched to Dollar General in Veguita in reference to a female shoplifting. The manager had told dispatch the female arrived at the store with her 15-year-old and was wearing a red t-shirt and black sweat pants. The officer arrived and saw the suspect and daughter in the checkout line, and went to the back to speak with the manager. The manager believed the woman had stuffed items into the large purse she was carrying. Outside the store the officer stopped the female, who stated she didn’t have any stolen items on her and gave permission to search her purse. The officer found some make-up and unopened toothpaste in the purse. She said she stole those items from a Walmart, but not Dollar General. She admitted her intention was to steal a bottle of shampoo from this store but got scared and put it back on the shelf. The manager just wanted her trespassed from the store and the property.