Joe Budden & Charlamagne Tha God Are Hip-Hop's Biggest Agitators Right Now - 27 days ago


Throughout the history of broadcast journalism, the concept of the “shock jock” has always had a place on terrestrial airwaves. Although it may have mutated from the days where Petey Greene whipped suburban America into a fervour with his anti-establishment sentiments, the legacy of the late radio host acts as the ground zero for everything from the countercultural comedy of Howard Stern to the misanthropic musings of the now defunct Opie and Anthony show. In hip-hop, two particular media personalities uphold this traditional like no one before or since-- The Breakfast Club’s Charlamagne Tha God and rapper turned podcast powerhouse Joe Budden. Over the past week or so, the two have reassumed their occasionally occupied perch at the top of the news cycle. Sparked by the August 12th edition of Nicki Minaj’s Queen Radio, both Charlamagne and Joey Jumpoff were placed on trial by the rapper and stood accused of propagating what she refers to as the “Nicki hate train.” Dubbed “the most annoying human being on the planet” by Nicki, Joe willingly subjected himself to an Apple Music-funded ambush in which he was confronted for comments from his Everyday Struggle days all the way through to his suspicions about how “Hot Girl Summer” came to be. Amid her verbal evisceration of Budden and his cohorts, Nicki tore into Charlamagne for giving her ex-boyfriend Safaree Samuels publicty and claimed that she’d been unceremoniously blacklisted from The Breakfast Club.