Wildlife Roam Where America Forged Its Deadliest Weapons

Newser - 08-18


(Newser) – From a tiny Pacific island to a leafy Indiana forest, a handful of sites where the US manufactured and tested some of the most lethal weapons known to humankind are now peaceful havens for wildlife, the AP reports. An astonishing array of animals and habitats flourished on six obsolete weapons complexes—mostly for nuclear or chemical arms—because the sites banned the public and other intrusions for decades. The government converted them into refuges under US Fish and Wildlife Service management, and they now protect black bears and black-footed ferrets, coral reefs, and brushy steppes, rare birds, and imperiled salmon. But the cost of the conversions is staggering, and some critics say the sites have not been scrubbed well enough of pollutants to make them safe for humans.