Sequel Losing Business License

WAAY-TV - 08-15


Below is the closed-captioning text associated with this video. Since this uses automated speech to text spelling and grammar may not be accurate. news. a juvenile detention center in madison, called sequel, is now expected to close within a week... madison city council members decided to revoke the center's business license last night... after multiple escapes over the past year. waay 31's casey albritton is live at sequel with what will happen next to the kids who live there. casey? last night sequel asked the city council to continue working with them... and council members said no... but the alabama department of youth services says it has a plan for the 58 boys who live here at the detention center. the department wouldn't give us any specifics... but many people in madison are glad the center is closing... dozens of people wanted the city council to close it down after some escapes. about two years ago two teens escaped from sequel... they're charged with killing 61 year old van johnson behind the publix on county line road. madison police say over the last year there have been three escapes... city council president steve smith told waay 31 they will no longer be working with sequel... back in april, the council gave them another chance. the city renewed the business license...on the condition that the facility improves security. sequel didn't make those necessary improvements... now the city council not only revoked its business license... but gave it seven days to close instead of 30. sequel told us they will now have to reevaluate their next steps. the city attorney told waay 31 they expect sequel to challenge this decision in court we reached out to the department of youth services to find out where these kids will be taken to and we haven't heard back yet. live in madison, casey albritton, waay 31 news.