For Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa, stats show the less time he has the better - 08-14


When Tua Tagovailoa takes the snap from center, he insists there is not an internal stopwatch ticking down, signaling he must deliver the ball. But if there were one it would likely be set at 2.5 seconds. Last season, when the Alabama junior threw the ball before that time limit expired, he connected on 77.9 percent of the 199 passes he attempted while producing 22 touchdowns and only two interceptions, according to Conversely, when he remained in possession of the ball past that point, his productivity dropped. Even though he attempted 41 fewer passes when he exhausted more than 2.5 seconds in the pocket, his number of picks doubled and his completion rate plummeted 20.9 percent as his touchdown total dipped by a nominal amount.