Science says this is the most popular type of cleanser in America

Well+Good - 08-13


Peek inside the medicine cabinet of nearly half of all women, and you’ll find one product in common: a foaming cleanser. According to a new Superdrug study of 1,140 people, a whopping 46 percent of women (and 34 percent of men) opted for a foam as their face wash of choice. And it seems it’s for good reason: “Foaming cleansers are easy to use to quickly and effectively remove dirt, oil, and even sunscreen from the skin thoroughly,” says Howard Sobel, MD, cosmetic dermatologic surgeon and founder of Sobel Skin. “Foaming cleansers used to have the reputation of over-stripping the skin of oils, but nowadays foaming cleansers are formulated to be hydrating and gentle enough for sensitive skin. It also gives a soft, cushion-y lather and it rinses cleanly.” In case you were wondering, the study found that facial cleansing wipes (43 percent), plain ol’ water (38 percent), and gel cleansers (35 percent) were the top picks after everyone’s favorite foam.