Police Investigating After YouTuber Accidentally Uploads Uncut Footage Showing Her Abusing Dog

Fstoppers - 08-08


A YouTuber is facing intense backlash after she accidentally uploaded a video of her shoving, hitting, and yelling at her dog to her channel. The YouTuber, Brooke Houts, has over 300,000 subscribers and frequently makes videos of herself with her Doberman Pinscher. She recently accidentally uploaded footage of her abusing the dog, Sphinx, which included smacking the dog across the face, yelling at it, shoving it, spitting at it, and possibly kicking it. Houts quickly took the video down, but not before it was seen by many and reuploaded to Twitter and other platforms, with many calling on YouTube to ban her account and the LAPD to investigate her and remove the dog from her custody. It appears that Houts was attempting to get the dog to cooperate for a "prank" video. She has since issued an apology that reads more like a deflection than anything: