Man Trying To Trespass Area 51 Shot Dead, Warning For Those Willing To ‘Storm Area 51’, They Actually Can Stop Us All - 20 days ago


The American public has long been fascinated by Area 51 and allegations that flying saucers, pieces of crashed saucers, and real aliens are harboring the secret U.S. government airbase. Public trust continues at historic lows in government. Just 17 percent of the American individuals “trust the government all or most of the moment in Washington.” Because of these variables, it is not difficult to see why “Let’s see them aliens” has become such an attractive rallying cry.

good vibes: sooooo you say a guy was trespassing and was shot dead, 🤔 then you give directions to go eat, get laid, then call a lyft strait to area 51. am i missing something here?

Lori Bowen: actually this did happen. He was trespassing and it is posted and they told him more then enough times to stop. When it is posted and you ignore...and I think he was committing suicide. Just did not want to pull the trigger himself.

Robert Angus: when they storm area 51 will it be televised. asking so I can plan my day

Ray Blaine: When there storming area 51 I will be the last one yelling run forest run 😀

Carole A. Smith: Actually they will shoot anyone trespassing.. They will warn you and will get away with it.


Mike Mason - 5 days ago
Welp.. not only are millenials too hard headed to understand "Warning trespassers will be shot", but apparantly suck at writing articles as well. Headline: Man shot dead for trespassing on Area 51."Then proceeds to give directions and a location of an old whore house. Oh, i get it.. it's an ad for the whorehouse..
Andron Thompson - 6 days ago
probably don't want anyone in there to see that there isn't shit in there. Area 51 is probably just a myth. Something to keep people talking. Why keep it from us, if YOU want US to know it's there? 🐂💩
Jay Outdoors - 7 days ago
got what he deserves.
NowStopThat - 7 days ago
If the American public does decide to storm Area 51 it would be profoundly stupid of the American Military to start shooting American citizens...
Demita Burgess - 8 days ago
September Davis - 8 days ago
The site in itself says stay away. Would you be prepared for what you might witness?
Tiffany Johnson - 8 days ago
Andy Elwood - 8 days ago
The fact that is has always been posted and patrolled by the military and if your dumb enough to disobey then you deserve to die. They are holding the top military secrets and should be protected at all costs. And Andrew Marriott just because in your sick twisted undisciplined mind you deserve to die of lead poisoning. You would never understand the significance of what is in that base. Just keep watching your screwed up movies
Justin Idjut - 8 days ago
Maybe they should change it from "Storm Area 51" to "Thin The Herd".
BDOG - 8 days ago
Good, keep firing
User from FL - 8 days ago
And the timing of article?..................PRICELESS
Thomas Robinson - 8 days ago
Reading comprehension is critical. Lovin this story !!!
User from WA - 8 days ago
Olivia Thomas - 8 days ago
Rhonda Boles - 8 days ago
what are they hiding or holding hostage in there
Gene Hubbard - 8 days ago
Was he shot with a ray gun, or 10 watt terminator rifle ?
Kathy Stachowiak Soto - 9 days ago
January 28 news article
Kathy Stachowiak Soto - 9 days ago
oh for Pete's sake this is where bombs were tested and the entire area is contaminated with radiation...year's ago truck loads of contaminated dirt was shipped out and is stored to this very day educate yourselves please and YES a man was shot after trespassing and ignoring warning shots!!!This happened sometime in January and was in the news...most are way to young to understand all the secrecy around area 51 but simple to understand NOW no fake news these stupid conspiracy theories gave been around for a very long time!!!Go find out for yourselves!!!
Serial Killer - 12 days ago
good one less liberal Democrats / Millennial generation good gone won't be missed
Laurel Larsen-Stokes - 14 days ago
Get a life! Find something else to waste your time the Area 51 whorehouse. You are not allowed in unless you have proper clearance, even the workers go in by special bus for their work week and leave by the special bus at the end of their week. I knew a paramedic that worked there. It is also closed airspace, any non-authorized flight goes around including commercial and medical. And the No Trespassing Signs are serious, so are the ones at Los Alamos and INEL in Idaho,(except you can go thru their gates usually). If anyone wants to challenge it and have someone document it we might have a real news story. Any volunteers?
300 mag - 14 days ago
Bulls eye
Dawn White - 14 days ago
then why no news on the identity of the man shot dead. all i read were threats.
User from MO - 14 days ago
Good. Everyone knows you can’t get in there so don’t even try. A basic concept we all learned as children: follow the rules/obey the laws.
Robert Barber - 15 days ago
fake news
User from UT - 15 days ago
Those people who planning these terrible ideas to check on area51 not Americans, they suicidal.👹
Drew Anderson - 15 days ago
who cares
leslie jones - 15 days ago
take some Reese's pieces with you maybe be easier to get in
leslie jones - 15 days ago
plez do not envade they have the ray gun
Thayne Jeff - 15 days ago
This is NOT fake news.
nicnacaz - 16 days ago
make america native again