Mother who moved to Indiana for better life prepares to build Habitat home with FOX59 viewers

Fox 59 - 07-23


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Every year FOX59 teams up with Greater Indy Habitat for Humanity to help a family make their dream of home ownership come true. FOX59 viewers will build the panels for our future homeowner's house on Friday.


Adrian Jackson - 30 days ago
well Indiana is the wrong state for a black person so many white folk and hatred towards people of color . and I'm half white . it's hate in the world and jealousy that's driven this country to shit .... and it's comments like that what she said on here that's why the hate still breeds . now she's gonna teach that to her kids and so on it goes handed down until the hate is always there
Sarah Fuller - 30 days ago
update, we're making about 80k a year between both of us and stronger than ever thanks to those that took us in. we just needed to get situated. it was really hard without family or a support system. we did it though.
Sarah Fuller - 30 days ago
they don't build for veterans, I was told don't even waist their time. I just can not support Habitat. congrats to the woman and her child though. it must be a very exciting time for them. my family lives in shelters and couch surfed for years before we could get back in our feet after deployment. we did turn to habitat to only hear that statement, "there's no reason to waist your time or ours. sad really