State settles Clinton Peabody Housing lawsuit - 30 days ago


ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - There's a settlement in a dispute over unsanitary living conditions at the Clinton Peabody Housing Complex south of downtown St. Louis. Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt says an agreement's been reached with the St. Louis Housing Authority and McCormick Baron.


Lonnie Allen - 30 days ago
surprised the Clinton Peabody houseing projects are still standing. The 8,10, 12, story Pruitt Igo, and the Doris Webby housing project. Was so tore up, by the African Americans. The government started useing aluminum wireing and plastic plumbing. Because the African Americans would destroy empty apartments stealing Cooper electric wire and copper plumbing pipes. They bbq in the bathtubs some bathtubs were used as toilets to hold their human waste. After only 20 years. These public housing projects were torn down to the ground. A waist of over a 100, million dollars of state and federal taxpayers money waisted. More of a culture difference than economic difference. How many times has this happened across America cities?