Indiana man accused of killing ex, eating parts of her body proclaims innocence in 10-minute rant - 07-22


JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. — A man charged with the brutal 2014 murder of his ex-girlfriend told a judge he was innocent. Joseph Oberhansley, 38, is charged with breaking into the Jeffersonville home of Tammy Jo Blanton. Investigators said he raped her, stabbed her to death and then ate her organs.


JM Cpshw - 07-23
There is nothing human about this! Whatever this was is pure evil
Reahim Nothuom - 07-23
POS ..he don't deserve an thing but death he's garbage killed and ate his girlfriend then says he's innocent..puke of man
Jessi!! - 07-23
User from IN - 07-23
Judy Supinger - 07-23
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