State police warn to move over or get pulled over in crackdown that lasts until the 27th

22 WSBT - 28 days ago


Indiana State Police have teamed up with troopers from six other states to enforce the "Move Over" laws in a project that runs through July 27th. It involves all participating states, including Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, Michigan and Pennsylvania, to conduct high visibility enforcement as well as education of the law that requires drivers to move over for stopped emergency vehicles.


Jo L Gerald - 27 days ago
this should be law
Alicia Partridge - 28 days ago
Or how about a crackdown on drugs in the school, or maybe needles in the gutters, or arresting known people who use drugs in Bloomington n Bedford.. Oh that's right the streets need paving that's more important right?!
User from IN - 28 days ago
Maybe the special people who want to do their own thing in the wrong lane should move. You don’t get to text or hold up traffic in the inside lane.
Darren Phillips - 28 days ago
How about ISP start cracking down on those who use flashing lights that are similar to police??