Congregation walks out of service amid church sign controversy in Virginia - 26 days ago


APPOMATTOX, Va. -- (WSET) A sign at a Virginia church went viral last week. Last week, Pastor E.W. Lucas put up the sign "America, I love it. If you don’t love it, leave it." at Friendship Baptist Church in Appomattox.

Lorraine Tennison: See nothing wrong with sign and I am glad to see Pastor stand up for our country

Hiram Wilson: I attend that church if I lived up that way

User from VA: I love the sign

Edward Lytle: the congregation can keep walking till thay get to the USSR lol

User from VA: If they walk out over that sign, they can keep on walking and don’t come back!


Steve Griffin - 26 days ago
and his congregation call themselves Christians lol
User from VA - 26 days ago
I agree with the sign FREE SPEECH.
Brenda Hicks - 26 days ago
a0fe. cgW?1
Denise Caudill - 26 days ago
we shouldn't have to worry we are Americans we should always be the minority in this country .
Tonya Robinson - 26 days ago
Gos is the greatest politician. If it had not been for praying Christian pilgrims we wouldn't have this country.
Russ Goss - 26 days ago
amen. keep the faith friends!
Boni Bowman - 26 days ago
By the way Jewel, I work for a Company that cares nothing about me. Work me 6 n alot of times 7 days a week. Does this mean I founded this Company? Hell no.
Boni Bowman - 26 days ago
By the way Jewel. I work for a co. who cares nothing about me yet they work me 6 7 days a week. Does that mean I founded this company. Think about it
Denise Caudill - 26 days ago
I say way to go .Yes church is about Jesus and the gospel but Jesrus stood up for what he believed so does this preacher all the people coming here they want yo be kept up and don't want to be legal citizen and all the languages they need to learn our language . We have VETERANS that fought for American gave up their lives and this country want take care of them and we have homeless take care of our Americans not the illegals .So Thank You Mr Lucas for having the guts to put that up .I agree 100% with you.
User from VA - 26 days ago
These comments are so funny to me. People really think Trump is there savior you guys really pissed about becoming the minority’s in this country
Alonzo Lonnie Battle - 26 days ago
you posed to love God with all your heart and all your soul.. he posed to be standing for God not country
Real Talk - 26 days ago
First of all as a minister and pastor of a church he should be standing up for Jesus at church, not this country. His church is not the place to do that. Secondly, just because u don't agree with the flaws in America and want to fix it doesn't mean u don't love it. It simply means that u are saying all is not perfect in the good old US of A. So all of u who r telling people to love it or leave it, including this pastor, are very ignorant. No matter how great something is, there is always room for improvement. If your relationship with a loved one is not perfect, do u stay and fight to change things or do u just walk away? Love is what makes u fight for it. Fighting for what's right is love. So don't confuse a person who stands up for what's right as not loving their country. Those are the ones who truly love this country.
Susan Kummelmann Byles - 26 days ago
Good on you, Pastor. This country needs more butt kicking honesty. Evil is lurking around our next presidential election and it could change us in ways to difficult to imagine. God be with you, keep your stance.
User from VA - 26 days ago
Good for Pastor Lucas. Nice to see someone who stands up for what’s right. I totally agree with you.
Pachetta Draft - 26 days ago
He's a Man of God and supposed to show love. all he showed was hatred.
Alvin Lee Grey - 26 days ago
since you are the one complaining you should leave
Wanda Collins Head - 26 days ago
I love this preacher took a stand for his beliefs. Our country was founded on God and free speech. I’d go to this church if I lived there. Now the people that walked out, those are the hypocrites.
Carla Cooper - 26 days ago
seems like it ought to say something about God or Jesus or Love. I mean it is a house of God. An also why bother walking in, you saw the sign before you walked in.
Kelly Hartsock - 26 days ago
whats with all the hate.
Donna Sawyer - 26 days ago
whites don't own this country they killed, raped and took it from the Indians maybe if whites don't like it you all should leave & take your so great Trump with you
Charles Roadhouse Simmons - 26 days ago
sounds they needed to weed out a few cry babys anyway
User from VA - 26 days ago
If they walk out over that sign, they can keep on walking and don’t come back!
Jane Wharton - 26 days ago
our country was founded on patriotism and if you don't love America leave it.
Dee Shelton - 26 days ago
I agree with him... don't love it here leave
User from VA - 26 days ago
Do NOT believe the LIES by democrats and media. If you don’t like America, of course you have the right to leave. There is nothing wrong with that statement. Political correctness destroyed Europe, do you want to let it destroy America too?
Nick Ross - 26 days ago
Damn right. If you don't like it, go to another country that is more free.Good luck finding one.#Trump2020
Edward Lytle - 27 days ago
the congregation can keep walking till thay get to the USSR lol
Robin Schaffer - 27 days ago
I love it so agree with the sign
Edward Lytle - 27 days ago
our country was founded on a belief in God. and it was strong because we the people of the United states where United not divided amen
Edward Lytle - 27 days ago
amen pastor God bless our United states of America I will stand with you