Cardi B Gets Fans Concerned After Posting Suicidal Message

AceShowbiz - 30 days ago


The 'I Like It' rapper tweeted and deleted, 'Wish I was dead' on Sunday, after defending herself from rape and 'blackfishing' accusations on social media. AceShowbiz - Cardi B has caused her fans to worry about her well-being after she posted what sounded like a suicidal message. The Bronx femcee tweeted on Sunday, July 21, "Wish I was dead," after defending herself from rape and "blackfishing" allegations on social media.


Elizabeth Rodriguez - 30 days ago
cardi you're a beautiful woman the past is the past you have alot of plp behind you especially your gorgeous daughter KULTURE I'm praying for you hunny keep doing good music much love from Massachusetts 💖💖💖💖
Patrick Murphy - 30 days ago
Masexymomma - 30 days ago
cardi b you better not off yourself just because there's hatersTaylor Swift hate they will always have something bad to say about you especially if you're richer than them and you're doing much better than them you need to remember that whatever you doing, you just stay off of it man and to give yourself a break from social media for a while man seriously they will all forget about that shit and talk about something else.