Bill Cosby Is Reportedly 'In a Constant Fog' with Mental Health Declining Behind Bars, Asks for Deceased Daughter and Forgets to Eat - 07-21


According to reports, Bill Cosby’s mental health is declining and it’s believed that the disgraced comic is suffering from dementia behind bars. Bill’s mental health is said to be so bad that he believes his deceased daughter, Ensa, is still alive.

William Martin: To bad So sad. He is where he needs to be. He is a rapist.

Da Wolf: hmmm reminiscent of the old mob guys when they were on their way to prison... yeah, good luck with that Mr. Cosby. 🙄

Daniel penn: he's not a danger to society anymore, 82 iand blind, however they wanted to make a example out of him, I don't condone anything that he has done wrong, however I believe that his punishment could have been dealt to him in a different way.

User from LA: Thats right pull the crazy card out.

Jason Stuckey: Just give Bill a pill, that should bring back his memory!


Electric 9 - 20 days ago
Playing the "crazy " card..hmm? they just might buy that one Cozz old boy!..Cry racism cause you black and got caught!.Call Al Sharpton about now..Free Cozz!..Free Cozz!🙄🤔🤧!
Marcheleven Twentythirteen - 30 days ago
get this man out of that f'n prison. delay is prison time UNTIL CON DON SHRUMP has been arraigned and convicted!send them both together! smdh
J. Homeslice - 30 days ago
it's called aging, its not pretty but that's life, deal with it perv
Black moses - 30 days ago
that's the problem in jesus name and God bless that's not black folks God
Naheim Judane - 30 days ago
I can't wait to read the article about the prison life of Harvey Weinstein Jeffrey Epstein, Oh wait we all know they're going to get off
Edith Ramirez - 30 days ago
boo hoo 😭😫
Crystal Brewer - 07-23
he needed to go to jail when he was younger so he could suffer more. pos
Siah Johnson - 07-23
not following the commandments got him
Lennorris Murray - 07-23
don't know you Bill Cosby and God we pray for healing and deliverance in Jesus name amen
Lennorris Murray - 07-23
So no one never did anything wrong in life,you better be careful how you speak on others that you saw are heard do wrong,And The Name Of God Jesus Forgive Amen
Lennorris Murray - 07-23
They Blind Side y'all,they was talking about Donald Trump when he did wrong, then they throw Bill Cosby in R kelly in the picture now we all forgot about those whites people who did wrong to woman's too
William Dize - 07-23
doing it just to get out fake as CNN news
Abel Dangerfield lV - 07-23
Its a ploy to get the MF out of prison. Race card doesn't apply so go with the pity the old man. He drugged women and then took advantage of them. Date rate plain and simple. He was convicted and he stays the full sentence! He isn't special!
Aretha Wilson - 07-23
l be praying for you Bill Cosby it's a really sad situation but please stay strong💔😇😒
Timmy Malone - 07-23
All his evil deeds he did to those poor ladies is eating at his brain.
User from AL - 07-23
Who the hell is B. Scott?
Gail Jones - 07-22
Lamont Watts - 07-22
bill never came to " hood" so I don't feel bad for him.
Loretta Burton - 07-22
All these other people are not spending time like trump and that movie maker that rape a lot of people. But he will have company soon with this millionaire they have in jail that's going to tell everything on trump
Nikkie Bufford - 07-22
boy it's crazy how they are killing are our black man and always trying to find a way to put them prison, my question is how in the hell. do they know if those woman are telling the truth , did they research , do a lie detector , why did it take these woman so long to say something , i was raped and i told somebody the next day... something sounds a little funny
User from IL - 07-22
Remove honda ad please
Jeff Tucker - 07-22
the next post down on the site says he's eating healthy and shedding pounds this site is nothing but propaganda BS
User from GA - 07-22
Free bill cosby
Patrick Murphy - 07-22
Penny Giessinger - 07-22
A little late for the insanity plea.
User from NY - 07-22
My grandfather always said when u do’re going to get it on this side b4 u get it on other
Howard Reed - 07-22
he is able to remember his phone number though.
Electric 9 - 07-22
That's it Cozz!...Play the old cuckoo nut card!..,This way you can sneak up on Camille to see who been ridin' that!..Probably your lawyer!🤔😌🤧!
Brian Maves - 07-22
Bill needs to be court ordered to take sleeping pills so he can make some new friends in General population.
User from CA - 07-22
His past came back to haunt him .. he couldn’t take it