Sturgill Simpson announces new album… and companion anime

A.V. Club - 07-21


Musicians have been pairing their creative work with some kind of visual component for decades, typically just with traditional music videos, but sometimes a piece of music warrants a more complex companion piece, like Paul Thomas Anderson’s Thom Yorke collaboration on Netflix. Even rarer still are companion videos that are anime, like Daft Punk’s awesome Insterstella 5555, and now—16 years after that—another artist has realized that anime is a cool way to promote an album. As reported by Billboard, Sturgill Simpson stopped by San Diego Comic-Con yesterday to announce a new album called Sound & Fury, with the album coming alongside an anime film of the same name from Takashi Okazaki and Junpei Mizusaki (both of whom worked on the direct-to-video DC movie Batman Ninja).