Single father who left job to take care of three children cried before killing himself as he couldn't make the rent - 27 days ago


A single father took his own life as he drowning in debt. 34-year-old Phillip Herron was trying to make ends meet to feed and clothe his three kids. On top of it, he was struggling to repay debts totaling £20,000 ($25,000) and faced eviction to due non-payment of rent. His debts were mostly from payday loans which are notorious for charging up to 1,000 percent interest, The Sun reported.

infidel: I raised 4 kids as a single Dad. Quit my job also. I was knocking down about 75k yearly. This was in 2000. I did have a 401 I cashed in. I worked odd jobs during school hours. But the bulk of our food came from hunting and fishing. Now they are all grown and I have nothing but wonderful memories. Three daughters all became nurses. My son is a fishing guide.

User from MD: This is a horrible sad story, I just wonder why the grandma did not watch the kids so he could work and what happen to the mom ☹️ RIP

Marjorie Hyman: so many people are struggling... u never know who's coming to end of their rope

Jason Stuckey: What a weak cowardly selfish punk! So now his kids are without a father because he couldn't man up and face the struggle.

Cynthia Mackey: wow so sad make u want cry Rip to mom and dad!! And Children's my blessing go out to y'all


Jaxson Randi - 4 days ago
very sad
Gary Hoffman - 7 days ago
Wheres Mrs Right? Quit his job? 3 kids but why not 10? Captain dumbshit. Don't have kids unless you can pay for them.
Michael Falchi - 7 days ago
rip ...terrible situation wish there was a place to go for actual help when someone needs it
Scott Omengebar - 9 days ago
That’s really sad,should not loose hope,Im single dad too n I had fall on hard time too but I always have hope n most of all trust God
Mz Chocolitt - 9 days ago
This is horrible and the government will deny you benefits I wouldn't dare want to sit and try to milk the system but at least offer debt assistance to working people, even if it's a once or twice thing a year. It's hard out here and to get help you have to have nothing that's why a lot of struggle and live check to check before settling for a miniature hand out.
User from NC - 9 days ago
So sad for everyone. May he Rest In Peace.
Wendell Bonin - 9 days ago
He wouldn't have quit his job if he really meant to take care if his kids.Give me a break with this stuff !
cherrylime - 12 days ago
I am aware that everyone's mental capacity is different, but the Female African American race has the most struggles in this country, and certainly dont often have a capable spouse to help, but manage to get by and raise small children, and dont go over the deep end, he should have befriended one of those strong African American sister she would have guided him, better than committing suicide which ultimately there is no forgiveness for, oh and leaving kids behind without a dad.
Victoria Kells - 15 days ago
I'm sorry for this...but where was the family? why not step in and provide roof over head?
Blunt Betty - 16 days ago
so sad! and it makes me so very angry because its men like him that are the true candidates for welfare....not like many who are on it now.
Drue Chesky - 17 days ago
How sad this is 🤐
Johnnyrebinco - 17 days ago
If you dont want money problems, dont quit your job. This guy litterally gave up a job for welfare. Glad hes gone
User from MS - 18 days ago
I can understand.. you just bought have to be a rocket scientist to make it in today’s world 🌍 greedy people just can’t stop getting greedier.. everything is to damn HIGH! Prayers to the family
Melissa Mckinney - 18 days ago
lm still raising my 3rd and last child. l work and do my best. But my children have my Love now and ALWAYS.l wish i could have told him as long as they have you and your love and know you are doing your best; it will be okay . l would have told him to start a Relationship With God.
Suzan Gaalema Phelps - 18 days ago
very sad Legacy he left for his children
El feo.Peace. Love - 19 days ago
Men have lost its way. sad but true.
Jody Cullen Foster - 19 days ago
I know another young dad in a similar situation. His wife took off leaving him alone with 3 young kids. And no one to care for them when he works
Jody Cullen Foster - 19 days ago
So messed up. Leaving life this way was not the answer
Julie Ohlis - 19 days ago
food stamps, good will, red cross, local church, could have helped.
Ida Burns - 20 days ago
Now who's taking care of the children? I know it not easy will things pile up on you, but this was an easy way out. It sounded as if the dad had to much pride to ask for help. God will always help if asked for help. I'm a firm believer in prayer. Pray the children will be ok.
Redella Livingston - 20 days ago
I Dont Know This Youny Man. But He Sure Touched My Heart !!! LOT'S Of Men I Knew Didn't Give A Darn. And God Has Their Water Boiling 😙😒😔😔😔😔
Natalie Kruse - 20 days ago
Our society needs to change. Money has become too important and has taken over our very lives. It wasn't meant to be this way...ever.
Carolyn King - 20 days ago
@Patricia Norris "people talk when they need to keep their opinions to themselves." Look in the mirror.
Carolyn King - 20 days ago
People do a better job helping than God will ever do. Worked 25 years and five more years to retire and your children are still too young to stay home alone over night?
Carolyn King - 20 days ago
For all you attacking the family for not helping out, I guess you missed that the mother said this:“I wish he’d told us how he was feeling but we never knew," Sheena said. 
Carolyn King - 20 days ago
@Duckus The story mentioned his mother, who is a grandparent. He didn't let her know this was going on.
Carolyn King - 20 days ago
@Cotton Candiee don't do what he did! Your kids need you more than anything money can get them! There are ways to get help which may take a lot of paperwork and B.S. to get. But have the patience and get the help as millions of other people do.
Oneida Lottie - 20 days ago
He could have moved in with his parents until he got back on his feet.
Carolyn King - 20 days ago
Why no go fund me page when he was alive? What happened to the mother?
User from VA - 20 days ago
And this is the greatest country ?! 🤦🏻‍♀️