Snoop Dogg's Wife and Daughter 'Look the Same Age' in Stunning Photo - 07-21


Snoop Dogg’s wife, Shante Broadus, and their youngest daughter Cori look like siblings in a new picture shared by the rapper on Instagram and fans can’t stop gushing about them.

User from CA: It amazes me how so many people are so negative. I’ve never liked rappers and all of that. But here is a man who evidently has been in his children’s life and with his same wife. He appears to be proud of his family and I give him 5 stars for that. I wonder how many of the negative people who commented can brag about that

Debra Williams: ,Much Love Snoop dog&family👊💪Wifie still got "it", she is sharing her beauty with y'all's daughter.GOD BLESS ALL💖🤣💓🤣💓🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🤣😂😉

Erica Williams: Then why do they frequent tanning salons, and spend millions on lip, hip, and butt injections? All to look like the beautiful person I naturally came out? Black is beautiful baby!

Donna Schaeffer: All the people on here commenting negative should be ashamed of yourselves. Did you not read that she has been battling a illness since she was 6 yrs old? a family stayed together..that's commendable these days! why make it about race, drugs and any other disgusting ugliness you can come up with??? Everyone is entitled to their opinion..But .. if you cant say anything nice dont say anything at all!!!

Zeprima Ervin: how did the conversation turn from black don't crack to a drug .... someone's jealousy is showing!!!


rod runner be be - 2 days ago
Snoop is hard core but a real strong women if she gets off Facebook and Twitter and having hair that weight 45 lbs. She be how she can handle any man. OOPS
Sunshine Tate - 3 days ago
Donald Davis - 4 days ago
Snoop Dogg Your Ladies R Beautiful BLESS U AND YOUR FAMILY 🙏🙏🙏
Ms Jewell - 5 days ago
Lovely pic,they look like Wonderful strong black women, they look like sisters beautiful, I love you “Snoop” keep keeping it real, stay strong minded , if you Love smoking your marijuana, that’s your business. Do you, enjoy your Life and your Family , best wishes to your daughter’s music career, I enjoy your show with Martha Stewart , God Bless you all🙏🏾🥰
Wyman Jynell - 5 days ago
love it much success to you.
Donald Quinn - 6 days ago
what do you expect, thats her daughter.
William Cox - 6 days ago
William Cox - 6 days ago
Ramona Safforld - 7 days ago
they do look alike I can't tell who theMom
... too bad they're both seriously, seriously ugly !!
shoney - 7 days ago
not really
Sandra Perez - 8 days ago
go Cory.i have seen her play guitar.shes really awesome
Manuel Rios - 13 days ago
No she look young... dnt be negative people🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Tammey Woods - 14 days ago
Baby you do what God tell you to do in let God show you the way .Your family is going to be there for you all ways but you come Friday .When the time come God will seen you the right man in he will love you with all open heart. So you in your family keep the good work up
Leslie Brown - 20 days ago
love him... his family is everything to him..
jennie in Michigan - 21 days ago
both are ugly
Donna Byrd - 22 days ago
Snoop Dogg you have a beautiful family and God bless you have a blessed day and wherever you are you go be Guardian Angels around you
Paul Power Steering Carter - 23 days ago
Peggy Duey - 24 days ago
Snoop Pig. Those women do not look like sisters. Sober up!
User from IL - 24 days ago
Beautiful Family Snoop!!
Cynthia Kelly White - 25 days ago
they absolutely do look like sisters. you go mom you look wonderful
Sandra Perez - 25 days ago
i will have to check out her music. i know she a really good guitar player..she talented.
Abel Dangerfield lV - 25 days ago
The MF so high he don't know who he's wiff or for how long he been wife her.
Chona Fant - 25 days ago
Snoop has a lovely family. A lot them wish they could have him. Plus their still together. No these days people can't stay together because a stupid groupie lied with jealousy.
Stephen Bash - 25 days ago
ya ya ya... but he's a colored fella
Johnnie Kyle - 25 days ago
Wanda Elizabeth Gran........😳🐍
Johnnie Kyle - 25 days ago
Wow they are so beautiful and Snoop's wife looks so dam young, how lucky Snoop is
User from IN - 25 days ago
Denise L Riley - 25 days ago
Beautiful Ladies
Jennifer Collier - 25 days ago
Beautiful!!! Love the whole family!! 45 yrs. old, my Mom and I look like sisters too. #1Snoop fan over 30 yrs..