Ohio's three-drug execution protocol gains 3 states' support in court cases

Columbus Dispatch - 27 days ago


Three states are joining the legal battle over Ohio's execution method, even as the state works to revamp its death protocol. Alabama, Arkansas and Tennessee have filed friend-of-the-court briefs in support of Ohio's existing method of killing its condemned. Ohio uses a three-drug protocol that a federal judge determined earlier this year caused great suffering, prompting Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine to delay four upcoming executions while a new method is sought.

Josie Martnez: Well dont you think the victims and the family's suffered?


Michelle Litteral Flesher - 27 days ago
They can suffer just like their victims suffered. Just because 1 individual had a reaction to the mixture dose not mean they all will, you can bring back hanging or the electric chair that would be instant.
blablabla - 27 days ago
All this is just b.s. Firing squad is extremely cheap and the condemned feel no pain. Why in the heck do they keep bringing up drugs that will most likely be held up in courts?? Put a effin bullet in their brain!!
Josie Martnez - 27 days ago
Well dont you think the victims and the family's suffered?
Jason Mills - 27 days ago
Time to fire up ole sparky.