Florida woman accused of aggravated assault after being refused pizza slice

Fox News - 07-20


Police in Florida say a woman was arrested this week and accused of aggravated assault when she attacked another woman who denied her a slice of pizza. The St. John's County Sheriff's Office says De'Erica Cooks, 22, has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill and is being held on a $1,500 bond.

The Unindicted Coconspirator: They never remember acting the fool. You can show them video of them acting the fool and that just makes them act the fool again.

CharlieM: people's ignorance just amazises me where do these nut cases come from.. over Pizza

Adolf Schickelgruber: Florida, you never let me down.

jules V: Seems pretty white.... oh wait

Sheena Ajad: Hmm, was just debating about what to have for dinner, Pizza it is!


User from AK - 07-21
John Deardorff - 07-21
She made employee of the month
Steve Coulter - 07-21
Dat gurl she movin on up she finally gets a piece of de pie
Phillip Smolinsky - 07-21
Another case of blacks assuming they have special privileges.
Leonard Mize - 07-21
Good thing it wasn't chicken
User from MN - 07-21
Wigs out cuz somebody refused to give her a slice of pizza, and threatens to stab. Should have decorated the walls with whatever 🧠’s she has, and then yelled “ole-ole crowbar”!
Fredrick Miller - 07-21
She's entitled to a piece of the pie. Doesn't matter if it belonged to others, she entitled.
jenny callahan - 07-21
Florida again😒
Jeffrey Smith - 07-21
must be the heat.. PIZZA PIZZA
Dennis Martin - 07-21
....she looks like the only thing she needs to be eating is a'salad' with low calorie dressing.....
Frog Chops - 07-21
Remember when blacks had to behave in public for fear of repercussions and there was barely any crime in America? #MAGA
S Griffin - 07-21
one way trip back to her homeland...she will fit right in
Pardon My French - 07-21
Ringside Too - 07-21
Let me guess................yep
Tina Howard - 07-21
okaaaaaay so here we go where are my racist people with the comments soooo worried about what other people doing. especially black people this is time for you to purge your hatred drawn out by jealousy i think it makes yhall cringe we dont give an f about what yhall say .look we are just as equal even with the setback you crackers put up against us yous should be further in ahead in life really but yous are not .smh
Yolanda225 - 07-21
Damn...whats next
guedo1 - 07-21
How did i know what the species was
User from CA - 07-21
Over a piece of pizza. What was the victims ethnicity?
phillip batie - 07-21
the more people who can choose to lead by example by choosing how to they express their opinions do it with respect with an open mind with objectivity dare to challenge others to reevaluate the way they think dare to take racism out of the equation
Highland Lakes - 07-21
She needed to feed the tarantula living on her nasty head
Paul H Rohrer Jr. - 07-21
I checked out other news sources down there it seems like they all use the same article. was this at a pizza shop? why was she denied a pizza slice . what was the name of the pizza shop . why is there so many details not mentioned. I came across one article that said she was slicing potatoes with the knife she used.
phillip batie - 07-21
be apart of the solution not the problem people set a positive example for people to follow.the question is why was she denied a pizza slice yes the knife threat wasn't the way to go.
User from FL - 07-21
Just another entitled liberal
User from FL - 07-21
That’s because the one that refused to give up a slice was even fatter
User from FL - 07-21
Zero impulse control
Jeff Douglas - 07-21
who would have thought she would be black.hasn't the black community gotten tire of there race acting like mental patients.13th news blogs on blacks-6 on whites and none on other race.but we have no right being racist.
EastWick Jerzy - 07-21
why is there so much traffic when people of color are arrested for dumb shit? the postings & article would read entirely different if there was a photo of becky or heather doing the same dumb shit or worse.
Paul Tate - 07-21
I can only imagine them two cows fighting over a slice of pizza
Dirk Pierce - 07-21
never deny a 400 lb woman pizza!!!! 🤣
joe g - 07-21
Typical negro behavior.