Norwich business owners: We're getting hammered

Norwich Bulletin - 07-20


NORWICH – Matt Ostrowski bought the building he owns on 279 West Main Street about 10 years ago. He gutted and renovated it the same year. A pair of businesses sit in the Creative Properties building: State Farm Insurance and a realtor.


Cathy Blair - 07-21
What happened to all the money from the casinos meant for the surrounding towns? Did it take a u-turn in someone's pocket?
Todd Solsbury - 07-21
Maybe they should year down the many unoccupied eyesores that the historical society holds so dear and build new structures that are appealing to new buyers. They are worth nothing to anyone while they sit and rot. Put an effort into building up the downtown area. Even NL is doing it and I never thought that would happen.
User from CT - 07-21
That’s because you have to contribute to Mr Builders 150.000.00 pension and with Medical benefit for him and his wife for life