Detroit rape victim: Wrong man may be in prison for my assault - 29 days ago


Nearly two decades had passed by the time Detroit police questioned James Clay in a 1997 rape case. DNA linked him to the victim, but when police showed Clay a recent picture of the woman, he denied ever having seen her.


Bernice Moore - 27 days ago
she was mad because he didn't want to fuck with her
Kevin Johnson - 28 days ago was the other dude
Silverback313 - 28 days ago
should of told the truth from day one you know her but you didn't rape her. I did 6 years in prison for a crime I had nothing to do with but life goes on young man I'm sorry to hear about someone else going through this ,keep on pushing and don't let them define who you are.
MIKE OXMALL - 29 days ago
hell he probably did something to be in there for..