Bill Would Make Massachusetts First In US To Ban Flavored Tobacco Products - 07-20


BOSTON (AP) — One year after concluding a successful campaign to raise the minimum age for buying tobacco from 18 to 21 across Massachusetts, anti-smoking advocates are now zeroing in on flavored tobacco products like those popular with electronic cigarette users.


Stevan J Lemay - 07-21
Vegetable glycerin an tasty extract they can find good luck
Stevan J Lemay - 07-21
You are not gonna stop teenagers from growing up you ban the stuff they will make it products are already on the shelves
Shawn Coffey - 07-21
you a holes stop wasting my money on telling me what flavor cigarettes I can have! get a real job! get home to your kids before their babysitter gives them a menthol! kids are hanging outside convenient stores smoking flavored cigars because their father did wack them on the back side the first time! that's the real problem no fathers to teach! let's start there!
Will GBills - 07-20
So if menthols get banned it should help keep it from young kids.
Will GBills - 07-20
I was 12 when I started smoking with moms Kools. Who knows if she had smoked regular cigs then if I would have had any interest in them because of the taste. Menthols are different and I hear lots of kids who smoked as adults started with menthol cigs