HB 6 is just the newest variation in how Ohio utilities, abetted by lawmakers, take advantage of ratepayers: Thomas Suddes

cleveland.com - 29 days ago


Just one last General Assembly roll call, likely on Aug. 1, is all that stands between Ohio electricity customers’ wallets and the cashbox of FirstEnergy Solutions’ Ohio nuclear power plants.


Sue Clark - 29 days ago
It is stunning that the Illuminating Company can offer solar panels at no cost, but then turn around and what to be bailed out for the poor management of the nuclear power plants.
Thomas Walker - 29 days ago
just more taxing on the working people. 2nd time taxes rise in 7 months. nice job dewitt
Christopher Barksdale - 29 days ago
Republicans WELFARE to business is not stunning. Republicans claiming black people as WELFARE receiptants distracts there true intentions to give WELFARE money to business owners.