Kentucky prison is without air conditioning

Wave 3 - 29 days ago


PEWEE VALLEY, Ky. (WAVE) - A power outage has caused a Kentucky women’s jail to be without air conditioning for three days. Wednesday around 3 p.m., the Kentucky Correctional Institution for Women in Pewee Valley lost power.

Mike Curtis: To bad it you didn’t do the crime, you wouldn’t be there ! To many Prison had to easy on the Prisoners ! They are in Prison for punishment ! Not in a Holliday inn !

Mike Curtis: If the hang the ones that have over 5 felonies! Then they won’t make the six felony or more of them ! Before AC we all served with out AC !

Daniel Platt: that's a luxury that I don't have. it would be real nice if I had air conditioning, and someone to cater to my needs, feed me give me ice and check to see if I am over heated. well news flash if I wasn't over heated before I read this I am now. "This is freaking ridiculous"!!!!

Doug Clemons: who cares

jim willis: Air in my car's been down for a week due to the wrong parts being shipped to me 3 times, and I didn't break the I hoo.


Tony Mudd - 28 days ago
good they don't deserve air-conditioning
daniel creason - 28 days ago
jail is very easy just do your damn time they feed u and give you a place you a place to stay
Janet Gibson - 28 days ago
Allen Eldridge - 28 days ago
I sat in Harlan county jail for a month with no AC in a small cell with 30 ppl. then the water busted so no shower or toilet for 2 days. I felt there pain but it's who's fault why there where they are. exactly
Total Truth - 28 days ago
I don't have AC and I am not a criminal! I don't feel ANY pity for them!!
Whitney - 28 days ago
The ppl in this comment section are sick.
Teresa Nicholas - 28 days ago
Teresa Nicholas - 28 days ago
wow. I am speechless.You. people. must not have a wife or daughter there .Not having A.C and being able to move abouts ok but when ur crammed n a so small sspace with amount they r and conditions r the same then CAN I PLS. HEAR UR COMMENTS THEN.CAUSE ITS AWFULLY EASY TO B THAT WAY WHEN ITS NOT YOU.
Sabrina Case - 28 days ago
Bet they are some Stinky People in there, But if you do the Crime you should do the time. No Matter what the Conditions are. They are not there for Vacation.
Robert W Duff II - 28 days ago
I Đon't have A/C either does the state care about me? No They Don't....
Lenita Stewart - 28 days ago
They dont need air conditioning anyway.
Miranda Trubiano - 28 days ago
I agree I served out in peewee in 2007 and it changed my whole life never benn in Anny trouble since I've learned to never take life for granted
User from KY - 28 days ago
Tonia Harp - 29 days ago
off also needs to look into the air conditioning at Simpson county detention center in franklin KY. It took inmates almost a week to get a fan brought into them. also it has been said by inmates there that they are ate up with black mold growing everywhere. they need help in there...
Katrina Triplett - 29 days ago
They’re packed in there without open windows. They were given time not a death sentence.
Dena Simmons - 29 days ago
Well I never bn to jail... Don't know what it's like,,, but can imagine. I pray I Never will go... Don't commit the CRIME ... Think before you commit the ACTION!!! Idk why some people keep going back to prison all their lives... Must be some kind of luxury for them.
Dena Simmons - 29 days ago
Well u can't judge a book by it's color. God created us ALL... We could be in the same boat they are in if it wasn't for the Grace and Mercy of God.
Jeanielovevanover Denny - 29 days ago
I hate that
Harry Ray - 29 days ago
That's right. Dont treat them like dogs. My dogs are spoiled and love life most cases better than I do. That is because they are loyal and do what they are supposed to do. They dont do harm mentally or physically to others. That's why they are taken care of so well inside 24/7 365.
Harry Ray - 29 days ago
For all sales of argument I say onto you they have been judged by their peers so i dont have to. That being said prisons are to lenient on prisoners. Go south where they are out clearing roadsides with armed officers on horseback. Those guys no ac today. Last three days justice in Kentucky hoping for more
Diana Stokley - 29 days ago
release all non violent
Diana Stokley - 29 days ago
everyone can make a mistake bad choice go to prison. some are truly not guilty. public. defenders don't do good or best job at defense be side of case loads. if some had a paid lawyer they wouldn't be there. it sucks to be locked in a concrete cell with no wi does and now no air. every person. should be treated well and fairly. unfortunately we don't live in a just or fair world. we should all pray that the air is fixed ASAP and if it's unsafe prisoners should be shipped to a other facilities. we're talking about humans and badi. needs. how bout some rehabilatio. so they can get jobs when t hey get out. everyone deserves forgiveness opportunity to make things right.jailing people is not the answer to rehabilatio . it teaches nothing. it is dead time. turn the air on or transport to a facility that had air. hell find a resort and give them a vacation . I bet most have never had a va action. good begets good. give them a break. early release would. be. nice. release all the people non violent
Tammy stahlecker - 29 days ago
our brave soldiers are in hotter temps with no ac. boohoo for the prisoners
Rybo Flaven - 29 days ago
It's prison, not the same as home. BTW, why aren't democrats upset that people going to jail are being seperated from their kids?
User from KY - 29 days ago
I hate that they haven’t had air it’s been pretty hot outside. Maybe they should set up tents outside n give them fans. They aren’t going to die without air n maybe they will learn a lesson. Shouldn’t be doing crimes to get in jail in the first place.
Micheal Graziani - 29 days ago
User from KY - 29 days ago
I don’t care if they rot there because it’s good for them to suffer I’m sure they made other people suffer did the crime you pay 🤪
Daniel Platt - 29 days ago
that's a luxury that I don't have. it would be real nice if I had air conditioning, and someone to cater to my needs, feed me give me ice and check to see if I am over heated. well news flash if I wasn't over heated before I read this I am now. "This is freaking ridiculous"!!!!
Danny Jones - 29 days ago
I have to agree even tho they made bad choices does not mean there bad people . they should should be treated
Homer Osborne - 29 days ago