29-year-old Texas mom Erika Gaytan missing after date, 'could be in danger': El Paso Police

ABC News - 30 days ago


A 29-year-old Texas mother who went missing after she went on a date last weekend "could be in danger," relatives and police said. Erika Gaytan, of El Paso, was last seen in the evening of July 13 or the early morning hours of July 14, according to the El Paso police department.

Korri Rowe Shepherd: Who was she on a date with? Has he been cleared?

John Smith: damn she fine

Justin Arab: Doesn't take a seasoned detective. Check the Uber or Lyft driver..


Lori Mendenhall - 25 days ago
need pray for family and her .hope find her beautiful she should never went by herself cant trust anybody especially men act like nice .never trust uber taxi. prayers
rebecka Brooks - 28 days ago
To her family & friends may she return unharmed. Never lose Hope! This is still early in almost all investigations, keep busy with posting her face everywhere through national media and local, But that doesn't mean you not have a clue to what is being done on the investigation. Talk to them everyday so she don't get forgotten, to next case push! I know y'all are. keep posting posting and calling, stay open through the case for her sake. Look at cases in the past woman or someone missing have been found! I send the strength to carry this out to the fullest, Let folks get to know her and life she lives. it's sad it's like pulling teeth to get someone to be up to par on their profession. Keep her alive in media or who she may have been with description, where she goes, where she may have been. A lot of folks stay to themselves barely making eye contact in public but maybe something will jog there memory!
Kung-Fu - 28 days ago
i think she was escorting n got into mexico and dismembered sounds sad but likely wit some of these cartel people
Zalimoon Ali - 28 days ago
in Jesus name I pray she is found alive
Anita Darks - 28 days ago
praying she comes home safe
James Lumpford - 29 days ago
I noticed some men in elpaso, cant communicate with women, so they kill them out of frustration...is it True 🤣
Brenda Nicholas - 29 days ago
I don't believe this is going to end with her alive hopefully the police will investigate the guy she went out with but if they don't know his name and have a bad picture of them I don't see how they can find him it's a warning to women to not go out with someone you don't know and if you do make sure somebody has their full name so the police can look for you or at least the guy that killed you could get caught
Eric Franklind - 29 days ago
there's too many sick people in this world man killing people for nothing and getting away with it until they feel the wrath of God
John Smith - 29 days ago
damn she fine
sticky - 29 days ago
scary. I hope they find her alive
User from TX - 29 days ago
Has her phone been tracked?
Kat Vargas - 29 days ago
Nobody is doing enough to get answer's!!! It is not.being published enough and it seems that police are just sucking their thumbs waiting for someone to do their jobs for them! I pray that she is found alive but unfortunately we know this scenario all too well..Hope and prayers with her family and sweet little boy!
Korri Rowe Shepherd - 29 days ago
Who was she on a date with? Has he been cleared?
mrbadass - 30 days ago
dead. who wants to bet?
Justin Arab - 30 days ago
Doesn't take a seasoned detective. Check the Uber or Lyft driver..