Bullhead City’s ballot initiative to purchase EPCOR Water Arizona

thebee.news - 07-19


Re: Bullhead City’s ballot initiative to purchase EPCOR Water Arizona. In light of the ballot initiative asking Bullhead City residents to allow the City to acquire EPCOR Water Arizona’s local infrastructure, the H20 Committee PAC’s mission is to educate voters on all the facts regarding the issue.


Keb Batson - 07-20
word of caution, not in defense of epcor .however if the city takes over it there is nothing that will control them to use it for any pet project, or budget reson now or later. I would take a real hard serious look into hidden reasons clauses or online items. before casting any votes for or against. both sides have plenty to hide and possibly reason to take control over this.we hear speeches. not see fact or all include cost ect.we can use the field house as prime example. no bottom line on how much it cost was spent or true reason for it.or future running cost and what tax revenue would be use for it and so forth. that all I need to comment. as the old saying goes. careful on what you wish for or get after
User from AZ - 07-19
If it means the city can control the water prices it probably is a good idea