Kylie Jenner Sets Instagram On Fire With New Swimsuit Photos And Below Waist Length Hair - 07-19


Kylie Jenner is setting Instagram on fire after sharing new bathing suit photos and showing off her ever-increasing length hair. After displaying a waist-length ponytail, Kylie has gone through several hairstyles and now her hair appears even longer than down to her waist. Celebrity hairstylist Jesus Guerrero is working his magic on Kylie and her hair has never looked better. In her newest photos, Kylie is wearing her raven tresses styled in a high ponytail that trails down her back in a thick gorgeous braid. In one photo, Kylie is seen standing by a volleyball net, and Kylie’s braid clearly reaches below her waist and at least down to her knees.

Debbie Luck: fake hair and only God knows what else

User from CO: Fake everything

Nola13: Something on fire has to be REAL


Debbie Manzonie - 25 days ago
Nola13 - 27 days ago
Something on fire has to be REAL
User from CO - 28 days ago
Fake everything
Debbie Luck - 07-22
fake hair and only God knows what else