Disabled Central Texas veteran pleads guilty to bestiality

KWTX - 30 days ago


WACO, Texas (KWTX) A disabled Bellmead veteran caught “sexually abusing a dog” has pleaded guilty to bestiality in a plea deal in which prosecutors are recommending deferred adjudication probation.

Kloie Peters: Mental or not they act like he didn't know what he was doing. If he can do it to an innocent dog then he would have no problem doing to a child.

Steve McLaughlin: If a dog attacks or abuses a human, they can't execute the dog fast enough. If humans attack or abuse a dog, well a $750 fine and some time to cool off should be ok. Dogs are automatic losers in today's society.

Theresa Michael: Just exterminate this piece of filth.

User from TX: Disabled? Tried to run? Apparently with the charges, his brain is the main thing that's disabled.

cic m: wow sick just sick . he's not disabled and just pay 750. poor dog he need jail time so they abuse him like he did the dog. see how he likes it. well many he will.


Tonja Byrd - 29 days ago
go figure doesn't surprise me
User from TX - 29 days ago
Freaking disgusting!!!
Gary Lovelace - 29 days ago
he should not only be Dishonorably Discharged from service but from Life
Joann Gonzales - 29 days ago
. ? q #
User from TX - 29 days ago
How evil
Billy Grady - 29 days ago
local man - 29 days ago
Whole different meaning for “Doggie style”
Adonis Duque - 29 days ago
typical American. #MAGA 1 dog at a time.
Adonis Duque - 29 days ago
his blow up doll probably popped. lol dtraight pride participant?
Ron Sugg - 29 days ago
Sick, sick, sick. Evil, evil, evil.
User from TX - 29 days ago
Just imagine if all his victims could talk
Kenneth Finto - 29 days ago
Where are the liberals defending this? It's two life forces that found love. Maybe not today but I bet the next generation of liberals will defend this.
Freddy Gomez - 29 days ago
gross gross gross mental sick theres so many females out there what the hell...
Oscar De leon - 30 days ago
he can drive a car ,run evade police.he probably like animals before he went in military
User from AZ - 30 days ago
The VA made him do it 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🖕🖕🏳️‍🌈
rikeam henderson - 30 days ago
totally dumptrump 2020 fault totally..YES WE CAN MAGA 🇺🇸 2020BETO🇺🇸.
Van Brashear - 30 days ago
he like pokeing it
Van Brashear - 30 days ago
Naomi Holeman - 30 days ago
I hope he reads this God 👀 sees all
Pam Nix - 30 days ago
Sick SOB!!
Becky Carpenter - 30 days ago
What makes him so special?? He broke the law & he should get the same sentence as anybody else would!!💩He's a p
Rene Espinosa - 30 days ago
....✈.... - 30 days ago
Dale Ross - 30 days ago
i wonder what his disability is? It has to be mental since he is able to work construction...I'm a disabled veteran as well, and I have PTSD...I am wise enough to know I need help, and is getting help. But never have I had a thought about doing unnatural things to animals...
Pamela Blake - 30 days ago
I am a Christian to but I left my church after 7 years because of gossip and backstabbing Christians are some are the first ones to judge so there you go I love Jesus more than anything but I will never go back to another church to be hurt again by so called God's people.
joe roe - 30 days ago
yup trump needs to build a 4 walls for all these messed up people instead of pouring our money into something else that will never work...
Melody Knowles - 30 days ago
if it was a female dog...he will be in more trouble it the dog get pregnant....that is so sick
Pamela Blake - 30 days ago
Dog's are better friends than any human's I have ever had in my life always have been.
Pamela Blake - 30 days ago
I'm disabled have 2 emotional support animals both are small dog's I could not imagine life without them because I am bipolar they help me cop
Pamela Blake - 30 days ago
He should have gotten some prison time where someone could treat him like the dog he is...