Amy Roloff Claims Ex-Husband Matt Has Banned Estranged Son Jacob From Getting Married On Farm

Popculture - 07-19


Amy Roloff is fighting back against her ex-husband Matt Roloff after she said the latter banned their 22-year-old son, Jacob, from having his wedding on the family farm. In a Facebook Watch video from July 14, the Little People, Big World star revealed that because she knew she didn't have the financial means to buy the farm from Matt, it would be best to sell and find a new house in Portland, Oregon.

Donna Hogan: If Matt takes your half of the farm from you because of this or at all. I will never watch that show every again. He is a ass who is out for no one, but himself.

keeping It Real: So sad to see a family unit break up but it happens. Reality TV has cause too many problems in all area of life!! Why can’t we just get back to normal TV shows and Saturday morning cartoons

Robbie Bendel: WHO cares ! Go to Las Vegas ! Probably be cheaper and less drama ! Oh I forgot that's what their looking for ! haha

Jase Roberson: Amazing how these people go on tv and rip apart there relationships it’s ridiculous

Leslie Koogler: I'm not trying to be mean in any way but I couldn't help but notice that the " insider " said, " they don't see eye to eye " I thought was ironically funny, because they do see eye to eye! lolololololol, again, I'm sorry. lol


Peggy Duey - 4 days ago
Go away Amy. You are done. Stop the whining and keep pretending Chris isn’t paid to be your boyfriend!
Janet Hickey - 6 days ago
there her side his side and the truth
Becky Billingsley - 7 days ago
Damnnn... You people are really into this huh???? BWAAHAHAHA!!!
Becky Billingsley - 7 days ago
Little People....Big Forehead...
A Hall - 7 days ago
it's still part of Amy's Farm let them get married in her home that's not right all of the others were married on the farm so should he
Linda Osgood - 11 days ago
his farm,his choice
thinnintheherd - 13 days ago
it seems like drugs are involved with this family.!!
Vickie Driver - 17 days ago
fib Amy fib
Smiley Face - 23 days ago
Alll of them not being on the farm will be the end of this show.
Kelly Rose Banci - 24 days ago
It's my belief (for what it's worth) that Jacob and Isabel should absolutely get married on the farm - ( if Jacob and Isabel desire to) like his siblings did. Things are going to change BIG TIME on the farm with it being "split" and what is the reasoning - albeit stupid behind Matt's denying his son having his nuptials on the farm? If it's because Jacob does not want it filmed, then sorry Matt. It's not all about the "Benjamin's" but rather a special lifetime memory that Jacob and Isabel will have FOREVER! Amy 🙂 you need to plant your feet solidly in the ground and REFUSE to allow Matt to have his way with this extremely important occasion for Jacob and Isabel. Fight the fight for your son. That's what us Mom's do. Best of luck to Jacob and Isabel wherever the wedding takes place.
Ricky Long - 26 days ago
Drama They need to Grow up oops there midgets
Jr.Boya - 27 days ago
it's all about the Greens$$, the more drama the more their fans watch their show
Elaine Rodriguez - 30 days ago
keep your personal life off the internet!
Wayne Kozak - 07-21
Seriously?! Who cares? I had a feeling they were going to get divorced. He kept screwing up vacations.
User from MD - 07-21
Who Cares! Not newsworthy!
Melissa Bowman - 07-21
Drama to much drama
red chilli - 07-21
they both need to pull up a high chair and talk it out. hahah😬😬
Takesia Robbins - 07-21
Now, I love Matt and Amy and feel like no matter why he should let his son get married on the farm just like the other kids.
User from TX - 07-21
Real big of ya Matt; or is that “Matt”?
tinfoil hat - 07-20
because he wants to marry a black girl
User from NH - 07-20
Anything for the ratings, how sad
Jason Giddens - 07-20
because jake is a far left, white , oregon, pot smoking, antifa sympathizing radical. long and short. That's mainly why he doesn't get along with Jeremy and Audrey because politically, socially and personally, they're polar opposites. The kid is a screw up, big time. you just hope he grows out of it and doesn't damage his family anymore than he has with his anger and big moutj.
Sandra Sullivan Jordan - 07-20
Matt always want the farm to himself so he and that so call Secretary and roll around with out her being around you'll knowvthw kids doesn't show up on the farm as much now Amy going to move on their will not longer be a show
Dan Kirchner - 07-20
well one small step an another reality show takes another personal turn into private lives for the public really don't care cos its money made an lives tore up an we all get to witness it. you win a pinnocio award 👺🏆💩💨
Jerry Pestana - 07-20
I would do Amy in a heartbeat!!!!(just saying!)
Jerry Albano - 07-20
The son is a grown man and has the right to get married whereever he wants.. he could ban his dad from the wedding and reception.. his dad better think about that.
Tina Drewery - 07-20
No it is real life no matter your size I saw how put her down he didn't like it that she tried everything in life while he set back on there vacations saying Oh poor me YEAH he's great at using his brain but he never used his heart that is what's sad now he wants to act like he has a heart with Karen Omgoodness give me a break they both are really good at managing problems let's see how they are in life problems
Kelly Boom - 07-20
Kelly Boom - 07-20
Kelly Boom - 07-20