Maryland Gov. Hogan proposes more toll changes, but offers few details

Baltimore Sun - 30 days ago


Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan proposed changes Friday to the state’s tolls that he said will result in about $5.6 million in annual savings for drivers, but he offered only scant details of his plan.


Marilyn Krauss - 28 days ago
If Hogan wants more money from tolls to recoup the expense of widening Rt. 404 to accommodate the beach traffic, then he should set up tolls like Rt. 1 in DE. Their rates on tolls now triple on weekends. That would also help raise money to build another bridge.
Roger Taney - 29 days ago
Did you kno that Hogan earned over 2 million dollars last year thru his commercial real estate company.
Chuck Lucas - 29 days ago
thank you
Chard McFinnigan - 30 days ago
Fix the F'n Roads before you F with tolls, Man. It's Ridiculously expensive to repair Work Vehicles with these Roads. Stop Stealing Our Money!
Karen-Anne Thomas - 30 days ago
these politicians are nothing more than fat cats, getting fatter on our dime
Jony Medrano - 30 days ago
William Korenkiewicz - 30 days ago
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