The best reviewed restaurant in Georgia might surprise you

Atlanta Journal Constitution - 30 days ago


Even though Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q was recently dethroned as Atlanta’s favorite place to get barbecue, it’s No. 1 in a recent analysis. To determine the best reviewed restaurant in each state, went through Yelp to find the three restaurants for each states most populous city — in our case, Atlanta. Then they picked the highest ranking restaurant in each state and the District of Columbia based on the reviews.

Joan Weaver: .bcc. xz

User from GA: Well I was pretty sure it wasn’t McDonalds.


Jas Sinclair - 29 days ago
Shit was bland AF. If they got rated best in Atlanta, then maybe I need to start my own BBQ restaurant.
TBONE, SMITH. - 30 days ago
Oh hell yeah he's about two plates of that I kidding neither that looks damn good.!!!!! I always say.!!!!! PEACE ☮ OUT 😎✌✌👣 T~BONE, SMITH.
User from GA - 30 days ago
Well I was pretty sure it wasn’t McDonalds.
Joan Weaver - 30 days ago
.bcc. xz