Hue Jackson Responds To Baker Mayfield’s ‘Revenge’ Comments After Beef From Last Season - 07-19


Hue Jackson is back in the news after his former first-year quarterback of the Cleveland Browns, Baker Mayfield, took a shot at him during a recent feature with Mina Kimes of ESPN. In the piece, Mayfield was asked about his saltiness towards Jackson last season after the head coach was fired by the Browns and hired by the AFC North divisional-rival Cincinnati Bengals. Jackson’s decision seemed to give the 2018 No. 1 overall pick even more motivation to play his best, with Mayfield telling Kimes that he wanted “to get revenge.”


Olivia Thomas - 07-21
SO he shouldn't have went to the Cincinnati Bengals after being fired by the browns and stayed unemployed to make the white man Baker Mayfield happy right?? why should anyone want to get revenge against him?? they were on the field playing POORLY he WASN'T.. Mayfield was throwing and making bad decisions not the Coach.. he can only tell you what he wants you to do on the field you have to accomplish it as a player..why should he even be concerned with someone saying they want revenge?? does that affect his paycheck? should he stay home and hide?. FUK Mayfield!! we already know the NFL commissioner has told the Bengals to lose to the browns any time they play them so the white man Baker Mayfield could look like he's having his REVENGE, and blame any poor performance he had on hue Jackson ..because the white man never takes responsibility for anything it's always someone else's fault.