Meth raid yields suspected dealer

MYCENTX - 29 days ago


A raid on a suspected methamphetamine dealer has turned up a quantity of crystal meth, cash, a firearm and one suspect who was arrested. Bell County Sheriff’s Department spokesman T.J. Cruz said the operation was the result of an investigation by the department’s Organized Crime Unit into a woman suspected of distributing large quantities of crystal meth in the Bell and Coryell County areas.

dirty9er415: DEPORT HER!

Timothy C. Lewis: the bi**h. is white,deport her where ?? Europe?


Timothy C. Lewis - 8 days ago
the bi**h. is white,deport her where ?? Europe?
Lucinda Acosta - 8 days ago
Yea. Deport her now.
Joe Eliff - 19 days ago
50 years prison would be great and no parole😠
dirty9er415 - 22 days ago