Gov. Northam pitches idea for free community college in Virginia

WSLS - 28 days ago


NORFOLK, Va. - Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam says he could soon be rolling out a plan for free community college tuition. In a Wednesday announcement, the Democratic governor described a program that would allow Virginia residents to attend community colleges for free in exchange for a year spent working in public service or a high-demand field.

User from VA: No such a thing as free. Someone going to pay for it

ghostbusters: the democratic "leadership" in Va. is embarrassing


Jane Wharton - 27 days ago
he is embarrassing to this whole state
Jane Wharton - 27 days ago
he really is wanting this state to be a socialist state. nothing in this life is free.
Paul Tate - 27 days ago
socialist liberal Democrats all they know is free free free
Ay Kay - 28 days ago
On the surface, that would seem good. But how much high would our taxes be to pay for that? It's amazing how you'll have so many stupid people jumping on that bandwagon of free stuff without realizing that by free health care, free college, etc simply means they want to raise taxes.
ghostbusters - 28 days ago
the democratic "leadership" in Va. is embarrassing
David Wrigjt - 28 days ago
free Community College huh well they could pay for that with all the millions upon millions of dollars they're making off all the lotteries that money supposed to go to education anywhere I don't see it is anybody out there see where it's going
Cannon Dalton - 28 days ago
he needs to drop to his knees mouth open and pay his repentance for his black hating past. coonman. how appropriate a college name he had.
User from VA - 28 days ago
No such a thing as free. Someone going to pay for it
Nek Ffud - 28 days ago
u dam mfkr u delate before i finish kfu
Nek Ffud - 28 days ago
Already filled By Blacks and Illegals. It happened to me . I tried Enroll At Georgetown. 1966. I Was told . Program. was for Blacks. So I. Lost. us my Va Benefits. Va oalready filled with Blacks.