Man dies Thursday night in officer involved shooting

Medford Mail Tribune - 29 days ago


A 73-year-old man who was reportedly armed with a handgun and suicidal died in an officer-involved shooting Thursday night on a stretch of the Rogue River Highway near Interstate 5.


Hope Lucier - 29 days ago
Obviously this person has had some mental issues we have to look at that point if he was planning to commit suicide the officers tragic get him to design him and that didn't work out very well we have to put it this way it's either them or the officer the after was doing his best and doing his job the guy died he was planning to commit suicide anyway to get over his life so a few early look at this way people try to live the best they can but with their circumstances change or mitt mental issues become a problem this is where it ends just remember that
Juan Carlos Lopez Padilla - 29 days ago
the police love hurting people so ....