Nebraska woman calls for Spider-Man statue to be taken down over 'demonic' imagery, despite being faith-based art project

Fox News - 30 days ago


A Nebraska woman is asking that a sculpture depicting the hands of Spider-Man be taken down over claims that the statue is “demonic” and “anti-Christian,’ despite the fact that it was built as part of faith-based community organization project.


Calli Kohl - 29 days ago
Is thi ever going to stop. One person reads something into a statue or the name of something and everyone has a fit. Grow up already.
Judy Seefeld - 29 days ago
I am a Christian and see nothing wrong with this statue. This person is not representative of the Christian faith. She is on the fringe.
Michael Woodard - 30 days ago
once again let's leave it to religion so you know take something that has been around for you know maybe 80 90 years and just ruin it Spider-Man is a man that goes out does peace and he shooting spiderwebs what does it have to do with religion absolutely nothing that's what's wrong with this country you know what there's a lot in this country that offends me to like we don't speak English you come to this country and speak your own damn language and we use the Constitution like toilet paper holy crap honor vets people that fight for our flag nobody else is flag
Sue Barker Schade - 30 days ago
Church and State should be kept seperate.....and she needs a hobby.
Susan Woolery - 30 days ago
O M G ! Somebody somewhere will always take offense at something!
Kathy Wilkinson - 30 days ago 1, I repeat 1 .......person wants it removed. Get a life. The rest of us dont. We like it.