Arizona woman missing in California's Mojave Desert

ABC30 Fresno - 07-19


SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. -- Authorities in California say they are searching for a bikini-clad Arizona woman who went missing while hiking in the Mojave Desert. The San Bernardino County Sheriff's Office says 69-year-old Barbara Thomas, of Bullhead City, was last seen Friday wearing a black bikini, a red baseball cap and tan hiking boots with black socks.


Keb Batson - 07-20
still find the whole thing very odd.and unusual wierd..kinda think it didn't happen like he said or at where he said. I hope she is found safe.and they keep open mind and do alot of investigation into this. not tunnel vision. but too many same kind of story but the truth was different outcome .
Patricia Steele - 07-19
this was posted a few weeks ago
Elisabeth Austin - 07-19
20 miles north of I 40 is really vague. where off I 40 did they start hiking? I couldnt help if I tried because of the lack of info. 20 miles north of I 40 is a lot of land. Mayne u will find the missing girl from the boating accident a while back while ur looking. I pray for my fellow neighbor in hopes that Barbara is found.