The Most Popular Dessert in the State of Iowa

98.1 KHAK - 30 days ago


When I first moved to Iowa almost 5 years ago (where has the time gone?!), there were quite a few foods I was unfamiliar with. I had never heard of breakfast pizza, enormous breaded pork tenderloins, Maid-Rites, or kolaches. Also on that list was the most popular dessert in Iowa! According to Buzzfeed, that honor goes to Scotcheroos!


Holly Hoskins - 30 days ago
Pistachio Delight is one of the things my grandmother was famous for and we make it for every family get together!
Mimi Woolery Baba - 30 days ago
I like Betty crocker mix brownies. from Kansas originally.
Jeni Thorsten - 30 days ago
born and raiaed in iowa and that was always a dessert we made even as kids. it was quick, easy, and delicious! not to mention supper sweet and irresistible!