Huge Central Texas ranch for sale covers 50 square miles with a price tag just as large

Dallas News - 30 days ago


A huge Texas ranch so big that it sprawls across three counties has hit the market with a price tag just as large. The historic Ford Ranch is located between San Angelo and Austin and includes almost 33,000 acres. Owned by the city of San Angelo, the more than century-old cattle spread is up for grabs for $52.5 million.

Levi Krase: not the Family Farm damn

Fred Rice: pocket change haaaaaa

ILA HUE: That’s a lot of land to tend to


User from TX - 26 days ago
Breath tackling maybe I will hit the lottery 🤑
User from TX - 29 days ago
Hopefully it stays in Texan hands unlike Whataburger
User from TX - 30 days ago
I wish
Margie Ihlenfeldt Adams - 30 days ago
sounds like it's a county all on its own
Joyce Sheppard - 30 days ago
I It's beautiful and I love to fish, but the way the rivers are flooding, " Fish I love" , but sharks and all nah. It is a beautiful 🚜.
ILA HUE - 30 days ago
That’s a lot of land to tend to
Fred Rice - 30 days ago
pocket change haaaaaa
Levi Krase - 30 days ago
not the Family Farm damn