Perry Hazardous Waste Drop-Off Day is Tomorrow - 07-19

The City of Perry will hold their annual household hazardous waste collection tomorrow from 9 a.m. – noon at the Public Safety Building. During that time, Perry residents can drop off any amount of waste they have at no cost, though there are restrictions on what is accepted. Items they will take include: antifreeze, rechargeable batteries, cleaners, fertilizers, fluorescent light bulbs, glues, gasoline, kerosene, motor oil, oil filters, oil-based paint, pesticides, poison, pool chemicals, roofing tar, stains, varnishes, thermostats, mercury thermometers, vegetable oil, weed killers, and windshield fluid. Items they won’t take include: ammunition, asbestos, electronics, explosives, fire extinguishers, latex paint, propane tanks, medications, and radioactive materials.