Letter to the editor: Maine’s homeless also need help with housing

pressherald.com - 07-19


I’m no longer a resident of Maine and haven’t been for a number of years. I’m writing this as the mother of a mentally ill, homeless man living in Portland. He and numerous other American citizens are waiting for housing while Portland and Maine in general are welcoming and housing asylum seekers.


kathryn atkins - 07-20
I am sorry your brother is homeless....until we get our mental health services together then this is the unfortunate outcome.....I will say that if a person really wants a home they will strive for it.... unfortunately some of the obstacles are overwheming and family can step in by contacting agencies that will place them in group homes etc....good luck....
Ray Blaine - 07-19
Tracy James - 07-19
when being homeless is a choice due to not wanting to be a responsible parent or running from the law for stupid choices it's not my responsibility to give you a life. McDonald's is always hiring.....help yourself and quit being lazy
ryan noles - 07-19
get rid of Mills they might get a job