Buttigieg calls for 'a better democracy' in address to Indianapolis audience

WTHR - 07-19


INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - A welcoming crowd greeted South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg Thursday night as he spoke at the Young Democrats of America National Convention in Indianapolis.


Don Nicholas - 07-19
A representative democracy with a 2 party system gets wildly distorted when one party features identity/victim politics with the aid and comfort of a completely compromised media. Give the democrats/media what they are screaming for will destroy the unique American culture and extinguish the light on the hill. We'd become another feckless joke like most of the EU.
Jeffrey Penn - 07-19
its not a democracy at all! thats the problem- people dont get to vote on anything of real importance ! we live in a republic where we only get to elect figure-heads to vote& they usually dont reflect the peoples ideas at all! what good is this type of system when it never represents the majority- no good at all! thats why people have given up on the american political system! the people vote doesnt mean a thing! why? because its a goddamn republic! we are merely peasants who let the filthy rich tell us how to live&die!