Police search for refrigerator thieves who stole from Indiana peewee football league

WKRC - 07-19


AURORA, Ind. (WKRC) - Police are searching for whoever stole three refrigerators and a freezer belonging to an Indiana peewee football league. The thefts happened Monday from the facility on Moore Road in Aurora.


Adrian Jackson - 07-19
no one in there right mind is gonna be ballsy enough not knowing if there is cameras around unless it was someone that knew there wasn't cameras which would more than likely be someone that worked the concession stand . duuuuuuh
Adrian Jackson - 07-19
it didn't take a genius to figure out someone that works in the building took them. so let me get this straight they left to go get more body's and men in a truck happened to be driving past or sitting there watching them then pulled up and took them . that makes no sense I would be filing for a warrant to search the houses of everyone that had an access key to that building and also getting on market place on Facebook or letgo local sell app and see if any of those people are on there trying to sell them . something doesn't add up right. didn't take a genius to realize that. they either did it thereselves or know the person who did it. prolly had friends and told them that there pulling away and to go ahead and grab the stuff. then continued to call the police when they got back.