Mother and son burned after rolled over tractor caught fire in rural Illinois City

KWQC - 07-18


ILLINOIS CITY, Ill. (KWQC) - Two people were hurt and taken to Iowa City after a rolled over tractor caught on fire in rural Illinois City, Ill. The Rock Island Sheriff's Department says at approximately 3:14 p.m., deputies along with the Buffalo Prairie and Illinois City Fire Departments responded to a rolled over tractor that had caught on fire in a ditch.

pam romano: Sad!! 🙏🙏 to the family😭😢


Wahoowah - 30 days ago
Why the fuck is a juvenile operating a tractor? Typical Republican farming community that resists any laws to protect the populace. Would rather let their children die than have any government regulatory oversight of farms.
Debbie Henderson - 30 days ago
wow. that's scary. could've been a lot worse. glad they are safe n the hospital. praying for a quick recovery and healing
Cecil Brown - 30 days ago
Praying for the family, praying for comfort and peace.
April Jones-Foston - 30 days ago
OMG .. I'm so very sorry to hear this ! Sincere CONDOLENCES to their families & friends.
Remona Lawless - 30 days ago
George Bozilovic - 07-19
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User from IL - 07-19
And this is one of the many reasons I’m against organized religion
pam romano - 07-19
Sad!! 🙏🙏 to the family😭😢