Video shows moments before fatal crash involving Metro Nashville officer

WKRN - 07-18


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Surveillance video shows the moments before a fatal collision involving a Metro Officer and a teenager. 28-year-old Officer John Anderson died on July 4 following a crash involving 17-year-old Jayona Brown. Brown faces multiple charges, including vehicular homicide.

Christina Rochelle Ogburn: they were both at faulth

Nickname59: No one wins. Bad situation for everyone involved.


Lane Scott - 07-20
Shocking officer Anderson didn't have seatbelt on, & at same time, I've seen many police pass me going waaaay too fast. White or black, has nothing 2do w color & race. He was a Marine, & had friends of many races, so cut the race card! I've got Native American n me, & I'm not complaining! Anderson obviously had a man n blue who needed backup. I feel bad for both sides of families involved. We have right to our opinions, & it's sad for both parties. Let the Court decide her fate. If anything, we all can learn from this mistake. I've watched MP drive at VERY high rate of speeds, so I'm shocked by that news & no seatbelt. Just very sad. God is in charge here. We've got to stop throwing the race card.
User from TN - 07-19
If she had nothing to hide why was she running?
Rufa Maki - 07-19
my condolences to his family and friends, may his soul rest in peace
Rufa Maki - 07-19
if the officer didn't chase her, nothing would've happened to him and he knows it was a teenager, just down just call for back up and let things runs smoothly
Nickname59 - 07-19
No one wins. Bad situation for everyone involved.
Thomas Graves - 07-19
well if she had stayed home where she belonged, it never would of happened...she still has a lot if charges against her....I am however disappointed with officer Anderson not wearing a seatbelt...!!!!!!!!! 🤔
Bossman Cain - 07-19
let that baby go that man hit her car y'all mf evil what if she was white would y'all have the same story smfh
Christina Rochelle Ogburn - 07-19
they were both at faulth
Kay Harris - 07-19
wow what does This really mean???
Julius Graham - 07-19
Now we know