Southern Arizona man stung more than 40 times by bees - 07-18


PHOENIX — A worker with a bee removal service in southern Arizona was stung more than 40 times by the insects on Wednesday, fire officials said. The Green Valley Fire Department posted on Facebook that the worker was removing bees in the area of Abrego Drive off of Interstate 19 when he was attacked.


Chiquis - 07-20
wow I really feel so sorry for that man,that was attack by the bees,I'm very afraid,in my back yard I have a huge mesquite tree,and you can hear the buzzing🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝I don't go out, this is every summer,and ther had been bee attacks here, even people have passed away from bee stings. And a few months ago in Green Valley a dog was attack by the bees and died. People out ther just be careful don't trust the bees.WE NEED THEM FOR OUR PLANET,BUT THEY ARE HARMFUL.
User from AZ - 07-19
Is he okay?
Isaiah Quiriarte - 07-19
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