Ex-con charged with kidnapping, sexually assaulting woman in Temecula

Valley News - 07-18


MURRIETA - An ex-con accused of abducting a Temecula woman who believed he was a driver for a ride-hailing service, then sexually assaulting her before she was able to escape, was charged on Thursday, July 18 with kidnapping to commit rape and other offenses.


Michelle Seltzer - 07-19
Who jumps in a car with a ugly weirdo like that? Some people are so out of it. She wanted a uber or Lyft you also get a pic of the driver . But she jumps in a ride share with a illegal Mexican who looks like a serial killer. with know one else in the car ? Some people are to stupid ro be left alone.
User from CA - 07-19
I wonder if he is one of Jerry Browns kids who was let out of jail on early release, just to reoffend.
User from CA - 07-19
Karma will be waiting for him in prison!!!